Friday, March 14, 2014

Christmas 2013

What better time is there to post about Christmas morning than when on the brink of Spring? Hopefully you agree with me, since this is our official post for Christmas 2013.

We didn't travel for the holidays this year, which was totally okay with me. My sisters and bro-in-law were in town, staying at my parents' house. So before our little family joined the rest of the fam at my parents' house, we had our own Christmas celebration at home with just the boys. They opened a few presents from me and Jon.

Jack got some Lightning McQueen slippers, while Jason got a Lightning McQueen pillow. They enjoyed racing their respective Lightning McQueen's around the house, "driving" the slippers and pillow around. Then they pretended to nap on top of their McQueen's, since one of them was an actual pillow; so Jack was fake snoring with his head on his slippers. So silly these boys.

Conner got a baby piano and some rolling balls to crawl after-
 Jon gave me a clock for our living room, and I surprised him with a cool gadgety flash light that practically talks. Sorry for the lack of pictures, they came out a bit blurry and then my videos wouldn't upload to blogger.

After our initial celebrations, we drove to my parents' house and had even more present opening, probably taking close to 2 hours. Seriously, my children want for nothing when it comes to their grandparents. But they're not that spoiled, the 2 hours wasn't solely devoted to them, the adults got plenty of gifts too. Eric had one of the best surprises that morning- an iPad Air! He didn't even ask for it, but was pretty excited opening that box.

Teri and Eric holding baby Conner
 Jack perfectly posing his new chic tie

 Jason getting Pappaw's help opening a remote control truck

Conner intrigued by his new octopus-

 Jack got a few artistic gifts this year since he's shown an interest in drawing and writing, this one present is a color by numbers concept, using different colored magnets to create pictures.
 And the biggest, top-secret present of the day, saved for last when all of the other presents were open, was...........

A police car power wheel!
 A present for both Jack and Jason, it has 2 seats (no fighting over it!), 2 speeds plus reverse, sirens, and walkie-talkie action. They LOVE it, as do I.
 Since we live in a cul-de-sac, Jack gets to drive it in the street around the circle, and we also take it up to the park. They are so cute in it, and Jack's actually a very skilled driver.

 Below Pictures Feature Each Boy Modeling Some of Their Presents:

 I'm not sure why Conner is sitting with his back to his toys, as if he's ignoring them, but it's sure funny!

Jason got some great wooden blocks with which to build, and there's his McQueen pillow-

Jason showing me his Dracula Mater. In case you hadn't picked up on it, my boys are Cars obsessed, especially with these specialty Mater toys where he dresses up as different characters. So Dracula Mater is one of his personas, among others like Astronaut Mater, Daredevil Mater, wrestling Mater, etc. They're really annoying to step on in the middle of the night!

 Jack tried to show me his new present- but got photobombed by Jason!
 Let's try that again. There you go- Jack's McQueen slippers.

 Jack pointing to the magnetic dog he constructed with one of Jason's toys

I almost forgot! My parents so generously gifted me and Jon with an elliptical machine! Yay!! We had both been thinking about getting some type of exercise equipment to help with getting in shape, and this was perfect. We've put it to good use, and I'm only a few lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Just in time for my birthday shopping trip I'm planning soon!

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Ali said...

I can't believe how time flies by. Your boys are so sweet. How fun to have built in buddies!