Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Playing Catching Up!!

Due to several reasons- which involved technological warfare declared upon me by any nearby tech devices I own- my blog has been seriously neglected these past months. I've had 2 phones die on me, leaving me to deal with a phone I used about 6 years ago, and consequently my picture taking has suffered. And then to top it off, our computer's wireless connection crashed, leaving me unable to load what very few pictures I could take with crappy phones to a temperamental computer, or post them to the blog. 

Miraculously, our computer healed itself this last week, and I'm getting a new phone in the next week or two, so hopefully I can breathe a little bit of life back into our blog. This all being said, I'm hoping to post several entries over the next week to catch up on our life in 2014.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Atlantian Adventures

We stayed with my sister Teri and her husband Eric in their beautiful house in Atlanta for a few days and had so much fun! They are awesome hosts. Teri made some pretty awesome breakfast burritos on the fly one morning, that featured cream cheese, so yeah they were tasty. Eric loves to plant and grow his own spices, and even makes his own soap. So we got specialty soap in our bath which was cool. Anybody who stays at our house is lucky to get sheets put on the couch for them, haha. (I'm mostly being sarcastic there.)

Here's Aunt Teri fawning over Conner. Why is she fawning? It may have something to do with the fact that she is preggers, and awaiting a baby boy in January!

Regretfully, there aren't any pictures of Eric. I assure you he exists, and my excuse is that he was working much of the time. Let this picture be a representation of him, as it's a picture of the adirondack chairs he built. Yeah, apparently he builds furniture from scratch too. Sometimes this couple is annoyingly perfect.

 Here I'm trying to capture the cuteness of Conner in overalls. I took a dozen pictures and he refused to cooperate, either looking down or stone-eyed staring. He's so funny.

One of the coolest parts of our trip was our visit to Stone Mountain. What a cool place! It's great for families as it features ropes-type climbing courses, train rides, trams up to the top of the mountain, laser light shows, Civil War era history, and of course, food! Here's a shot of its famed mountain side, which shows a carving of the South's Civil War generals.

 The coolest part about Stone Mountain was the Mile High Hike. It was a multi-level climbing course, with the first level about 20 feet off the ground, and progressing up to a third level. Jon and Jack did it together, accomplishing the first 2 levels! They loved it and the pictures do not disappoint.

Jason was under the height requirement to do the Mile High Hike, but luckily for him, they had a younger audience intended similar hike just adjacent to the Mile High one.

He had a blast traversing the wires!! I love how he could just barely stretch his limbs far enough to accomplish this wired task-

He did this course about 5 times, again and again, with sheer enthusiasm in his eyes.

 Teri and I took Jack and Jason on the train ride around the base of the mountain. Jon pushed an exhausted Conner around in the stroller so he could catch a nap.

Conner holding his daddy's hand. Enough said.

Excuse the next set of pictures which are blurry. They were taken on the phone, which has seen better days. Here we are taking the tram up to the top of the mountain. Jon and I took Jack and Jason, while Teri stayed behind with sleeping Conner.

 Jon is completely fine with heights, does not faze him one bit. I, on the other hand, get a little uneasy about it.

 My mom would absolutely cringe at this picture. Those two blurry yellow blobs are Jack and Jason at the fence, erected somewhat close to the edge of the mountain to keep little boys from falling to their deaths.

 Jack and Jason used their "sharp claws" to scale the mountainside. They are copying one of the characters in a video game Jon plays that also uses sharp claws to climb things.

 In addition to Stone Mountain, Teri took us to see a waterfall near an old mining company. The mining company was closed down and burnt to the ground by the North during the Civil War. But it has since become a local spot for weddings and receptions, go figure!

What is my boys' obsession with hanging on fences that separate them from life and death? Seriously, even the baby is trying to climb out of the carrier for a better look!

Family pictures!

 The boys are no longer receptive to family picture taking!

Another cool stop in Atlanta was Overlook Park, which is just awesome. We don't have anything like it here in Texas. It is a beautiful, unique playground on turf, next to trails that go by the nearby river/lake where you can go tubing. Along the trails, overlooking the river, are swinging benches provided for onlookers. It was all very picturesque and perfect for family walks.

 I'm not sure what to call this, other than a giant spider web for kids to climb.
 Jack and Jason in the web

 There's my baby Conner's smile-

We had such a great time in Atlanta. It's a beautiful part of the country with the mountains, rivers, and trees. We loved crashing at Teri and Eric's house, playing the Wii, going for walks, and swimming at the neighborhood pool.

This concluded our family summer vacation in 2014, with us then making the 12 hour drive home. It was a fantastic week and I'm so glad we did it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Visiting parks in Gulfport, MS and Montgomery, AL

While in Gulfport, we found a fun local park where the boys enjoyed playing.

Conner trying to balance on the discs

 Jack Attack

 Jason climbing (or caught in?) the web
 That climbing wall was pretty high and much more difficult than Jack imagined it to be, but he did it!

After our stay in Gulfport for a few days, we headed towards Atlanta to visit my sister Teri and her hubby Eric. Mid way thru the drive to Atlanta, we stopped in Montgomery to play and eat lunch. We were fortunate enough to happen upon a great park, with pebble pathways, ponds, bridges, ducks, and turtles. It was the perfect break from our car ride!

View of the park

 I just love the pictures of the boys pressing up against the fence to see the ducks!

Oh my gosh- Conner baby, you are so cute.

After our stop, it was only a few more hours to go to get to Aunt Teri's house!