Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Turning 3

Jason had his 3rd birthday in April and is now officially a big boy. We spent the days leading up to his special day practicing his new answer to the question "how old are you?," getting 3 fingers up instead of just 2. Where does the time go? I still think of him as my baby, proven by the fact that I constantly call Conner- my actual baby- Jason half the time! In fact, one of Jack's friends asked me the other day after one such name calling slip-up, "Is your baby's name Jason Conner?" Yeah, no. No, it's not, I'm just confused. So anyways, it's hard to believe Jason is the big 3.

Jon and I snuck into Jason's room while he slept the night before his b'day, and decorated with balloons and streamers. It was so fun and it paid off. Jason was so enamored with it the next morning that he stayed in his room, content to stare at the party decorations, while I slept in. An awesome side effect, I won't lie. When I went in to his room that morning, he was so happy and exclaimed, "Mommy! There's a party!" He kept referring to the balloons thru out the house, as a party. So cute.

 So for his b'day breakfast he ate waffles soaked in butter and syrup and scrambled eggs, yum. We had put up balloons (including some tiger-striped ones, reminding him of one of his favorite t.v. characters Daniel Tiger) all over the house, and he just loved it and felt so special.

That night, when Jon came home from work and Mimi & Pappaw arrived, we took the boys to Red Robin's to celebrate. We enjoyed burgers, while Jason ate mac 'n' cheese and Jack had a grilled cheese sandwich, paired with chocolate milkshakes. When dinner wrapped up, the wait staff came by to sing to Jason, and he was delighted by all the attention.

After dinner, we came home to perhaps the best part of the day- PRESENTS! Jack eagerly helped Jason open his gifts, showing him just what to do. Jason got a cool new Mater tee, a speed boat with accompanying race cars for the bathtub, an airplane from Planes, and a lifelike Mater toy that talks and drives around, complete with rockets and machine gun attachments (courtesy of the grand Mimi).

 The day after Jason's b'day, Jack leapt off the school bus and ran inside the house, and proceeded to plead with Jason to play with the new Mater toy. Jason flipped back and forth between being gracious and sharing, and tyrannical and yelling NO! Drama ensued for a few days, until the luster of the new toy wore off some. Seriously, the drama.

For his b'day cake this year, I forewent the traditional cake route, instead opting for iced sugar cookie sandwiches. They were delish. (Our family's b'days are all in a 2 month cluster, so cake can get a bit tiring.)

 Conner was bound and determined to get himself some cookies too.

It was so fun to help Jason celebrate his b'day this year. He's at such a fun age for anticipating fun events, and getting giddy with excitement. It's contagious and I hope it sticks around for awhile. Happy Birthday to our ever-growing 3 year old boy!

And for the memory book- at Jason's annual check-up, he weighed in at 29 lbs (20th%) and measured 38.5 in (75th%). Long and skinny.

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Tina said...

Sweet boy!! I can't believe our kids are THREE!!! Man. Time needs to slow down just a smidge. I'm glad he had such a fun day! Miss you guys!