Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 months old already

Conner turned 5 months old this week. He is the best baby ever. So here are some facts about Conner for the memory book-
He is ADORABLE! Extremely handsome, happy, easy to laugh, social, hates to be ignored, sucks his thumb, rolls around like crazy, sleeps 11 hours thru the night, and talks/coos whenever you look at him. His coo is the most adorable baby sound combined with a sort of gurgle. I think I'm addicted to hearing it.

 He is my first child to be a thumb-sucker, and I LOVE it! Not only do I think it looks adorable, but it's so convenient. No more looking for a lost pacifier at 3 a.m. or wishing we could drive home for a nap during church because he's cranky. If he needs soothing- his best pal thumb is always there. My dad took the picture below, capturing my cute little thumb sucker.

As far as his stats go, he measured at 26 in long, 14 lbs, and had a head circumference of 16 in at his 4 month well-check. It put him in the 80-90th% for height, 20-25th% for weight, and 15th% for head circumference. He's met all of his physical milestones for his age, rolling around, pushing up, looking around when he hears something....making it that much harder for me to sneak past him without him protesting and demanding I pick him up. He loves to spit up....I hate it. That may be one of my least favorite aspects of baby-dom. Hoping he grows out of it soon, fingers crossed!

His big brothers love him and have never showed any jealousy towards him. Jack is really great about playing with him and making him laugh, when I ask him to help out. Jason talks to Conner in a baby-voice, cooing at him, imitating the way Jon and I interact with Conner. It's really cute. Conner is the perfect third child- easy-going, adaptable, low-maintenance, happy, playful, and ready to get in on the action. I just hope he stays my sweet baby as long as possible before uniting with his older brothers in their crazy, never-ending, testosterone-fueled shenanigans!

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Ali said...

Erin!!! Cute, cute boys! I've been lame at checking the blogs lately. It was fun catching up on all your cute pictures. It looks like you are handling three kiddos very well. Isn't it crazy sometimes!?! Or all the times, maybe? Well, I'm glad you keep up your blog. Makes me wish we could come over and play!