Thursday, September 19, 2013


Do you ever feel like your life is just one big project after another? I feel this perfectly describes my life right now, after we've moved from one home to another. Our weekends are devoted to getting our house settled, and maybe a little fun if we can sneak it in.
I love our new house and it's much bigger than our last, so that is awesome for the kids (and me). But that also means I have more space to take care of, and decorating ideas are crowding my head, just begging to be implemented. So as always, my boys' rooms get the attention first. I seized the opportunity while Jack was away at his grandparents' house for a week to paint his and Jason's rooms.
Jack got a race track with Lightning McQueen-
I love Jack's room, and so does he. It was a total surprise to him when he came home from his grandparents'. His eyes were wide-eyed, like what happened in here? He likes to show people his room when they come over.

Jason got a jungle with monkeys-
If you know Jason at all, you know why I chose monkeys. His spirit animal is the monkey, the way he climbs and jumps over any and everything.
And Conner's room? He's a baby who doesn't care and his mom is tired of painting, so his room is on the backburner for now.
You know how it's impossible to find the "perfect" house when house hunting? Unless you have an unlimited budget, you just can't get EVERYthing you want in a home. Well, when we were considering this house, the backyard was a con on the list. It is small and quite literally a jungle. The previous owners loved trees. They loved them so much, that they planted them everywhere. EVERYwhere! Which is not so great when you want room for your testosterone-fueled boys to run, jump, and tackle each other. So the back yard was another project.
We brought our trampoline with us to the new house, and took for granted our last yard's open spaces. Jon had to dig out and clear out the ground space for the trampoline, getting rid of annoying small bushes and tiny trees. And if that wasn't enough work, we then had to clear out the air space. Yes, the air. We have a big tree that was in desperate need of trimming. One chainsaw session later, and the air space was cleared!
 The chainsaw's victims, set out for the brush pick up-

And finally, weeks after moving in, the trampoline was up!

We are happy to be in our new home and this side of Dallas. It's right where we need to be this time in our lives, with Jack starting Kindergarten in an amazing school district. We're so blessed and grateful!

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Tina said...

Oh wow!! Everything looks amazing. I can't believe you found the time and energy to paint. Way to go. Now I just need an invitation to come over and see it... cough, cough** We just finished painting our boys room and it took us like 4 weeks to do it together. We just weren't motivated. I'll post pictures someday. So happy that you guys are loving it there. My boys comment every single time we pass your house about how Jack moved... why did Jack move... sad, sad, sad. We miss you guys too!!