Thursday, January 9, 2014

7 months old

Conner is 7 months old and life is full of new adventures for him. He learned to crawl around the time he hit the 6 month mark (army style), and mastered independent sitting at 7 months old. I gotta say, I love the sitting up. It's so nice not having a baby who falls over and flops around, but can sit up and play with toys. Another welcome development which accompanied the sitting was no more spit-up! Awesome, enough said.

 Now he's into pulling up on furniture, not cruising, just pulling up. He's not quite mastered the getting down part, however. He usually stares at the floor, really focusing on it for a few seconds, and then falls forward or backward and I pray there's no hard toy in the vicinity.

 He's also eating more food, including heaping amounts of rice cereal and pizza crust. Well, not so much the eating of pizza crust, per say, as the chomping on of pizza crust.

 He also learned his name about a week ago, and responds whenever someone calls to him. He loves his brothers and lights up when he sees one of them. He crawls to them and tries to get in on the action. They are pretty nice to him and enjoy his baby cuteness (hopefully that lasts once he enters his toddling stage).
Oh, and he got his first tooth. The bottom, middle tooth. It popped in about a month ago, I'd say he was 6 1/2 months old (for the baby book). I love me some baby Conner.

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Ali said...

What cute boys you have!!!! I wish I could meet them in person, but I'm glad for blogs! You're one of the few that still posts. :)